Children's Activities

Here are some great resources for you and your family to use. Feel free to use them during our Sunday service or whenever suits you! If you don’t have access to our RightNow media subscription, please contact our office, who will be able to provide you with an account.

Sunday 22nd August:

Sunday 15th August:

Sunday 8th August:

Sunday 25th July:

Sunday 11th July:

Sunday 4th July:

Sunday 20th June:

  • ‘Paul and Baranbas tell people about God’ activities #1 | #2
  • Friends of God Activity
  • Baranbas v2
  • Friends of God Jigsaw
  • Friends of God Media

Sunday 13th June:

Sunday 6th June:

Sunday 30th May:

Sunday 23rd May:

Sunday 16th May:

Sunday 9th May:

Sunday 2nd May:

Sunday 25th April:

Sunday 18th April:

Sunday 11th April:

Sunday 4th April (Easter Sunday):

Holy Week:

Sunday 28th March (Palm Sunday):

Sunday 21st March:

Sunday 14th March:

Sunday 7th March:

Sunday 28th February:

Sunday 21st February:

Sunday 14th February:

Sunday 7th February:

Sunday 31st January:

Sunday 24th January:

Sunday 17th January:

Sunday 10th January:

Sunday 3rd January:

Sunday 27th December:

Sunday 20th December:

Sunday 13th December:

Sunday 6th December:

Sunday 29th November:

Sunday 22nd November:

Sunday 15th November:

Sunday 8th November:

Sunday 1st November:

Sunday 25th October:

Sunday 18th October:

Sunday 11th October:

Sunday 4th October:

  • Parable of the Rich Fool activities #1 | #2

Sunday 27th September:

Sunday 20th September:

Sunday 13th September:

Sunday 6th September:

Sunday 30th August:

Sunday 23rd August:

Sunday 16th August:

Sunday 9th August:

Sunday 2nd August:

Sunday 26th July:

Sunday 19th July:

Sunday 12th July:

Sunday 5th July:

Sunday 28th June:

Sunday 21st June:

Sunday 14th June:

Sunday 7th June:

Sunday 31st May (Pentecost):

Sunday 24th May:

Sunday 17th May:

Sunday 10th May:

Sunday 3rd May:

Sunday 26th April:

Sunday 19th April:

Sunday 12th April (Easter Sunday):

Holy Week:

Sunday 5th April (Palm Sunday):

Sunday 29th March: