Courses & Events


Does God exist?
Did Jesus die for me?
Why is there so much suffering in the world?
What am I here for?
What happens when I die?

Alpha is a 10 week course for people who want to find out more about the Christian faith in an environment outside of church. Alpha is a great place to ask questions and explore your own views in a setting that’s open to all faiths, beliefs and opinions.

A typical Alpha evening consists of a meal, a talk from the front, and conversation in small groups to discuss your opinions.

If you’re interested in coming along, contact Jim to find out when our next course is.

Church Centre

The centre offers a range of halls and meeting rooms available for hire with easy access for all and can cater groups from a few people to over 100.

It has great catering facilities, wifi and add-ons like sound equipment/projectors can be negotiated.

For more information contact Adrian, our centre manager.

Main Hall

Ideal for conferences (seats 100)
Dimensions: 8.1m x 11.6m
Hourly rate: £25

Lower Hall

Ideal for exercise classes and workshops
Dimensions: 8.1m x 11.7m
Hourly rate: £18

Blue Room

Ideal for small conferences
Dimensions: 8.1m x 5.7m
Hourly rate: £15

Green Room

Ideal for presentations (seats 10 around a table)
Dimensions: 5.1m x 3.8m
Hourly rate: £12

Millard Suite

Ideal for small meetings (seats 6 around a table)
Dimensions: 3.8m x 2.25m
Hourly rate: £10